Sunrise Alarm Clock
Sunrise Alarm Clock
Sunrise Alarm Clock
Sunrise Alarm Clock
Sunrise Alarm Clock
Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock


Wake up in a much better mood on Mondays with a beautiful sunrise in your room. Created by the soft light of this alarm clock. Gone are those days when the alarm pierced your ears and you planned in your head a thousand and one ways to destroy it.

Instead of that annoying and scandalous noise, you will wake up with the sounds that every day announce in nature the appearance of a new morning. Don’t you think they can make you come out of the deep coma into which you fall every night? No problem, since it also has the option of using your favorite radio as an alarm.

Manufactured with an elegant wood finish, which will blend in perfectly with your bedroom décor, it gradually illuminates to make your awakening as natural as possible. A light, which you can also use at night to fall asleep using its intermittent brightness.


Key features:

  • Sunrise simulation wakes you up gradually with natural soft light.
  • 10 natural sounds can be selected as alarm sound.
  • 7-color LED mood light create fascinating atmosphere.
  • Bedside lamp with 10 level brightness settings.
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