Pet Door with Sensor and Smart Chip
Pet Door with Sensor and Smart Chip
Pet Door with Sensor and Smart Chip
Pet Door with Sensor and Smart Chip

Pet Door with Sensor and Smart Chip


If you are lucky enough to have a garden at home where your pets can run around freely, it is quite likely that on more than one occasion, if you have left your door open, some unwanted intruder has appeared in the house. In most cases, they are animals that have been lost or have no owner, who are just looking for a little food to put in their mouths, but… there is always some cheeky neighbour who likes the food we buy for our pet better.

Precisely, to prevent those cheeky people from taking advantage of us, we have invented this advanced cattery with which the only ones who will enter your home will be your pets or those furry friends you want. How does it work? By reading the code that appears on our pets’ microchip, which we have previously had to introduce into the cattery’s electronic system.

No more intruders forever.

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