Mobile Photo Negative Scanner
Mobile Photo Negative Scanner
Mobile Photo Negative Scanner
Mobile Photo Negative Scanner
Mobile Photo Negative Scanner
Mobile Photo Negative Scanner

Mobile Photo Negative Scanner


The Smartphone Negative Scanner is compatible with any phone. It offers all photography enthusiasts a way to scan their 35mm negatives quickly, easily and comfortably anywhere. Working like a light box.

Smartphone Negative Scanner is extremely easy to use. Just turn on the taillight then insert the negative and take a photo with the smartphone.

Then you can edit and share your photos with your smartphone’s camera or with the Lomoscanner application. Specially developed for this device and available for iPhone and Android.

Thanks to the Smartphone Negative Scanner, you will have a digital version of your negatives in an instant. You can archive and hang up on social networks or print. Giving you a speed and convenience that other negative scanners cannot compete with.

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