Mobile Neck Bracket
Mobile Neck Bracket
Mobile Neck Bracket
Mobile Neck Bracket
Mobile Neck Bracket
Mobile Neck Bracket

Mobile Neck Bracket


Being able to use your smartphone to take your favorite movies and series wherever the wind takes you is one of the qualities most valued by most. However, I’m sure many people will miss the couch at home or some other way of watching videos, since holding the phone all the time is not considered a viable solution.

So far, all that might limit you when it comes to watching videos, but everything will change from the moment you choose to incorporate this mobile phone holder to hang around your neck. Its design allows us to place it around our neck and free our hands while keeping the screen of the terminal at an ideal distance from our face. A simple gadget, but capable of giving us hours and hours of watching videos without our wrist or forearms earn all the ballots to develop a contracture.

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