Customized Secret Message Cushion Cover


Sequins are usually a real pain in the ass. Especially in dresses and costumes because they break easily in them. On the other hand, choosing a cushion can also be something that, instead of being simple, ruins our day. So would putting the two together be the recipe for disaster in our living room? No! We’ve never seen sequins used as much fun as we can see on these cushions. The combination of the two has turned something boring into something great.

Definitely something everyone should have at home. A cushion with a secret message that hides behind the sequins. You can personalize the message and put whatever you want. To be able to show it – or hide it from someone – all you have to do is run your hand over the cushion and turn the sequins around. This way you can show or hide the message you have written on it.

Key features:

  • Comfortable cushion with sequins
  • Personalized secret message
  • Material: Polyester
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