Carabiner for Carrying Bags
Carabiner for Carrying Bags
Carabiner for Carrying Bags
Carabiner for Carrying Bags
Carabiner for Carrying Bags
Carabiner for Carrying Bags

Carabiner for Carrying Bags


Going shopping is great, we have a time when we can acquire those products that we have been looking at for a long time and there are even those who experience pleasure just by passing the VISA at the checkout. The problem comes when we get together with 3 or 4 bags that we have to carry around for a while. Carrying bags is not a system that can be defined as very optimized.

The shopping bags are each from their father and mother, some because they are cheap and recyclable, others because they incorporate design and style, but in the end what happens is that we get together with 3 or 4 different bags and hold them usually leave a mark and pain in our hands. To avoid that, this carabiner has been designed, to which we can hook a good handful of bags and transport them without problems thanks to its comfortable handle.

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