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Waterproof Speaker

If you are one of those who enjoys listening to music while taking a shower, going to the beach, ...


Indestructible USB charging cable

If you are tired of always having to buy cables to charge your mobile, either because your pet ha...


GoCube Rubik’s Electronic Cube with Bluetooth

A classic puzzle, known to all and part of popular culture, symbol of ingenuity and skill, the ru...


Rechargeable Refrigerator Fan

Did you forget to put the wine in your fridge before dinner? Don’t you have cold beers for ...


Surge Adapter with 4 AC Outlets and 3 USB Charging Ports

Organizing cables at home is always a challenge, the shape, size and number of electrical applian...


Basketball Ball Claw

What’s the point of having an autographed ball if you can’t wear it? This type of gif...


Sport Adjustable Parachute for Acceleration and Resistance Training

Are you the fastest of all? Then don’t stop there. Keep improving your speed and power on t...


Star Wars Interactive Porg

There are many cute creatures in the Star Wars universe, but the Porg are one of the few races th...


Magnetic Floating Pots

Dive into the world of future decoration with these floating pots that will give your home a touc...


Mobile Neck Bracket

Being able to use your smartphone to take your favorite movies and series wherever the wind takes...


Walk Maker Mold to Create Paths in your Garden

Thanks to this path mould, you can trace your own path or trail and then make it a reality in a s...


Sunglasses with LED Light

If you wear sunglasses at night you are an idiot, even more so if you do it inside a house or a d...


Super Mario Bros 3D Fridge Magnets

Your fridge may be cold inside, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t look warm and fun...


Mobile Charging Cable with LED Movement

Charging your phone has become an everyday action, carrying the charging cable in your backpack o...


Snow Traction Crampons

Snow is beautiful but can be a real danger. How many times have you fallen and damaged your coccy...


Grass Flip Flops for the Swimming Pool

We are so used to swimming pools with no grass at all and beaches that we gradually forget what i...


Indoor Arcade Basketball Game

I remember those nights at the arcade as if they were yesterday. There was nothing more fun than ...


Nomantic Ultimate Travel Bag

Normally we think of backpacks as a school accessory or a solution for transporting our work mate...


Jedi Training Kit

We may not all be lucky enough to come across Master Yoda in our lives, but a Jedi’s powers...


Pet Door with Sensor and Smart Chip

If you are lucky enough to have a garden at home where your pets can run around freely, it is qui...